Boost Juice has taken home another fantastic awards win.

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Boost Juice has taken home another fantastic awards win.

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Boost Juice has taken home another fantastic awards win, winning Best Digital Initiative at this years QSR Media Awards for its campaign Vacay with Boost.

Launching in September 2018, the Vacay with Boost campaign saw the brand celebrate all things wacky and wonderful. For four weeks, every customer who purchased a Boost Juice had the opportunity to win trips to some of the most brow-raising places on earth and unique experiences across Australia. The ultimate Vacay powered by Boost Juice!

To enter, all customers who purchased a Boost Juice were handed a call to action card with a unique code. The call to action card directed customers to a 70s travel agent inspired microsite where the code could be entered, and all entrants won a prize.

Elevating the campaign to the next level, Boost combined both old and new technology to give it an exciting, unique twist. After entering, customers were given the option to swap their prize and prompted to enter their mobile number. The microsite’s lead travel agent character ‘Dave’ would then immediately call the number and the customer would have the opportunity to win a new prize.

Vacay with Boost represented an exciting new venture for Boost Juice, and Chief Technical Innovation Officer Christian McGilloway considers this one of the most interactive and unique campaigns ever launched by the brand.

“Boost Juice is known for always pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation and interactivity with our customers, and we were really excited to launch a campaign with mechanics and technology they’d never seen before.”

“The campaign graphics were set in the late 70’s and early 80’s, so we tried to remain authentic to this throughout the whole omnichannel experience. The videos and graphics on the microsite were exported in traditional 4:3 ratio with static and an overuse of cheesy effects so they had this awesome retro feel.”

“After all this effort, we didn’t want to just ask for a simple email address, so by leveraging Twillo’s API’s we empowered our lead character Dave to ask customers to enter their phone number, where they were then called and had the chance to win a new prize. We created over 30 unique customer voice calls, which were followed immediately by dynamic text messages with individual prizes.”

Prizes on offer included trips for two to Dracula’s Castle in Romania, Area 51 and Salvation Mountain in the USA, Love Land in Korea, the infamous Toilet Museum in India and the Robot Restaurant in Japan.