Boost launches new Vegemite smoothie

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Boost launches new Vegemite smoothie

A MUCH-loved Aussie spread is the latest ingredient to feature in a new smoothie launched by Boost Juice today.

Forget Vegemite and toast, the smoothie bar has come up with a wacky creation that combines the yeast-based spread with chocolate, vanilla yoghurt and banana.

Boost Juice managing director Claire Lauber said the Vegemite Boost was a combination Australia “may not have know they wanted, but undoubtedly deserve”.

“Vegemite is a quintessential Australia favourite that many of our customers grew up with,” she said. “When we first thought of the idea for a Vegemite flavoured smoothie, we knew it was pretty out there.

“However, Vegemite, when combined with the chocolate, banana and dates, really is delicious.”

Ms Lauber said the flavour was very similar to salted caramel, but with an Aussie twist.

The Vegemite Boost is one of the new flavours added to the menu as part of the Milk Bar range, which will also have more classic tastes such as rocky road and cookies and cream.

The Vegemite Boost will be available in Boost Juice stores from today until July 1.